Accompanied Library

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A new home for a young cultural organization in lower Manhattan, evoking the classic club libraries of New York and London while providing flexible event space for contemporary arts, music, film, and literary programming.

A proposed new home for the Accompanied Literary Society, a young cultural group reinvigorating the traditionally staid book-reading event through imaginative literary programs “accompanied” by music, screenings, performances, and convivial social gatherings. Located in an unfinished retail space in downtown Manhattan, the design reinterprets the classic club libraries of New York and London, reflecting the Society’s spirited mix of old and new by contrasting exposed ceilings and raw concrete floors against double-height bookcase units—complete with mezzanine—showcasing the Society’s 5,000-volume collection and providing a stately backdrop for the flexible event space.

  • Architecture:
    James Sanders Studio
  • Interiors Associate:
    Gabriela Herzberg
  • Client:
    Accompanied Literary Society
    Brooke Geahan, Director
  • Rendering:
    Sean Daly/Windtunnel Visualization
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