Talks & Interviews

Video Talks & Panel Discussions

JUST DO IT: Documenting Modern Architecture and Engineering,” panel discussion with Leslie E. Robertson, Richard Roth Jr., and James Sanders, Skyscraper Museum, 9/10/2019

After the Tenements; Up or Out in 1920s,” illustrated talk at the Skyscraper Museum, 6/19/2019

Building Worlds: The Art & Architecture of Film Design,” moderated by James Sanders, sponsored by Woods Bagot, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, 1/20/2018

Celluloid Skyline,” illustrated talk at the Skift Global Forum, 10/27/2016

Scenes From the City: Filmmaking in New York,” illustrated book talk at the Skyscraper Museum, 4/29/2014

Cocktails and Conversation with Hugh Hardy and James Sanders,” AIA Center for Architecture, 12/13/2013

Digital City: The Foundation Myth,” James Sanders interviews Google's Craig Nevill-Manning, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, 11/13/2013

Grand Central: 100 Years Grand,” panel discussion with Sam Roberts, Kenneth Jackson, Peter Stangl, and James Sanders, Charlie Rose, WNET, 3/1/2013

New York Modern: Rockefeller Center at 75,” panel discussion with William Pedersen, Daniel Okrent, Alex Garvin, Hillary Ballon, and James Sanders, at the Skyscraper Museum, 5/8/2008

The Treatment,” radio interview with Elvis Mitchell, KCRW, 2/14/2007

Postopolis: James Sanders,” illustrated talk at the Storefront for Art & Architecture, 6/1/2007

Begin with the Screen: Using Film to Explore Issues of Architecture and Design,” illustrated talk at the School of Visual Arts, 11/08/2008

Celluloid Skyline,” video feature on The Urbanist, Monocle (London), 6/1/2007

Celluloid Skyline,” interview on Charlie Rose, WNET, 02/14/2002

Radio Interviews

LA CoMotion, Part 1,” with Andrew Tuck, on Monocle, 11/22, 2018 [segment begins at 05:35]

New Horizons,” with Andrew Tuck, on Monocle, 12/19, 2013 [segment begins at 10:53]

Becoming a Creative Hub,” with Pauline Eiferman on The Urbanist, Monocle, 11/7/2013 [segment starts at 11:09]

Please Explain: Apartments,” with James Sanders and Justin Davidson, on “The Leonard Lopate Show,” WNYC, 4/8/2011

City of Screen,” with Sara Fishko, The Fisko Files, WNYC, 5/25/2007

The Treatment,” with Elvis Mitchell, KCRW, 2/14/2007

Scenes From the City,” with Leonard Lopate, The Leonard Lopate Show, WNYC-FM, 10/16/2006

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